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  • Charlie Drapeaux
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I'm definitely a "goof ball" with many "blonde moments". This film would be right up my alley!
I am in it to WIN IT!!!
Kara Shoemaker
My Rat Died.
Power Point of my sitting experience
Because I'm pretty !!!
Names Luigi like Marios brother. I am a gemini with my other half being Alex... who is alex ?
Because I rock.
I let it rip like a potato chip
I have a friendly face that people would like to tell things to. I also have an honest face.
Lets Get Weird
I'm a talented, fun and smart actress and love billboards! I have them for breakfast every morning.
I'm a lean, wry older guy who can speak words of wisdom and make younger contestants laugh
hard to say I believe I have a certain je ne sais quoi about me! ;)
I'm not the average Hans or Franz!
I used to be a homeless drug addict who spent 5 whole days sleeping on the streets of Allentown.
Just speculating, but some people must consider me the funniest guy they know, so there's that.
Vote for ME because you want to, not because you have to. Yes, I do have an awesome personality. :)

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