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  • Boyce
  • Midnight Crisis (NYC)
  • A.J. and Tara
  • Dr. Beardface & the Spaceman
  • Littermouth
  • Eric & The Soo
  • Zed D'Lance
We are fun, energetic, and Jezebel Henry likes us!
We are a hard working original band who has applied to musikest over 7 years in a row and has been rejected 7
The voters should choose whomever sounds the best to them.
We are pissed off, but hot to trot, bad-ass but all about a good time, & a little rough around the edges,
We rock. 'Nuff said.
We are a father and son rock band with a kick ass 12 year old drummer
Because we will represent their intelligence and good taste.
We rock, we roll ... we're in control ... we love to entertain
Together just over 2 years, Zed D'Lance has already shared the stage with multi-platinum bands Live, Candlebox
TIOGA is a project that has connected with fans anywhere we've played. We'd love to continue that.
“They are a top-notch rock band that offers a huge sound, one that is easy to jam out to, with insightful ly
So many school lunches and late-night fits of hangry...peanut butter and jelly!

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