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Love acting, competing, being me - weird and all - plus have had training!
because, god, gave me one gift, he shaped my ass, to fit billboard sitting, call it a gift, or curse
Because I make the Fonz look like a nerd I am sooo cool! I'm a fun guy to be around.
I came to America with one dream only to become a great actor and I will do my best to do so
I have a different sound and will surprise you from what you think. I love MUSIC!
I have been sitting for most of my life, so why not put my skill to use?
I'm fun, fancy, and fabulous! I don't take no for an answer!
I am very talented and everything i do i do it right i always strive to be better and greater
My video is 1 second too long and I don't care! I'm lying I'm so sorry please vote for me.
Names Luigi like Marios brother. I am a gemini with my other half being Alex... who is alex ?
I'm a total wackadoo and would sit, stand, run, jog, skip, and even WIGGLE for a zillion thousand $$
Janet is Funny
Vote for me because millennials have dreams to!
I think about really deep things. e.g. If cats could fly, there would be a lot of dead birds!
Kelsey Lane
If You Vote For Me You Will Win The Powerball!
Funny free spirit in search of finding herself
Although I may not appear it, I'm definitely an underdog.