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Power Point of my sitting experience
Because wining this contest will mean that I can earn more than an MRS degree. I need my own life!
'm a competitive smart ass who likes to talk... A LOT.
I'm just a good-ole corn-fed gal from the Midwest ready to show the world what I'm made of!
Freedom! It'll give me a chance to explore real creativity, time away from my mom and boys.
I'm a total wackadoo and would sit, stand, run, jog, skip, and even WIGGLE for a zillion thousand $$
I've read Humpty Dumpty. I've studied his mistakes. I'M READY TO DO THIS!!
I have an awesome spirit and I want this more than WORDS. Also I love Pandas. Which seems relevant.
I understand the zen quality of confined spaces and public urination
Vote for ME because you want to, not because you have to. Yes, I do have an awesome personality. :)
Love acting, competing, being me - weird and all - plus have had training!
I'm a dominatrix. I dominate the competition. I'm unforgettable...and modest. 'Nuff said.
I'm a solid family man, who's competitive, fair, fun and honest.
I will give presents to all the ladies!
I am a engaging visual artist (painter/photographer), actor, and singer-songwriter.
I'm unpredictable, unfiltered and your not going to want to look away.
I'm hilarious, quirky, down-to-earth, and relatable, since I haven't cut my hair in a year! Win!
I'm a wonderful dancer.

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