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I think I would make a great Mayor of the billboard. I'd keep the peace.BB needs someone like me.
I want to prove America wrong about teenage girls.
I have been sitting for most of my life, so why not put my skill to use?
I’m bubbly, fun, and relatable with a positive attitude. The girl next door everyone knows.
I'm quirky, funny, athletic, and dorky.
I'm a solid family man, who's competitive, fair, fun and honest.
I am full of energy and a wit that won't quit. I rhyme sometimes. Vote for me its free...
I'm almost licensed (see video). I don't mind stinking. I need the money... bad!
I Can Bring The Comedy!
I'm very relatable, down-to-earth and never give up!
Love acting, competing, being me - weird and all - plus have had training!
I'm a lean, wry older guy who can speak words of wisdom and make younger contestants laugh
I fuck on the first date.
I should be a contestant because I am super driven and determined! Also I'm poor!
Because why the hell not?
Although I may not appear it, I'm definitely an underdog.
I am never truly bored thanks to Percival, he alaways keeps me entertained and WILL NOT LET ME LOSE!
I will give presents to all the ladies!

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