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I am never truly bored thanks to Percival, he alaways keeps me entertained and WILL NOT LET ME LOSE!
I'm a dominatrix. I dominate the competition. I'm unforgettable...and modest. 'Nuff said.
Because I rock.
Not the brightest crayon in the box, but fun & entertaining-you never know what I'm gonna say or do!
I'm a talented, fun and smart actress and love billboards! I have them for breakfast every morning.
Because I see Jesus and love Rock and Roll, I really have visions of holy things.
Names Luigi like Marios brother. I am a gemini with my other half being Alex... who is alex ?
I'm hilarious, quirky, down-to-earth, and relatable, since I haven't cut my hair in a year! Win!
I'm quirky, funny, athletic, and dorky.
Because I'm pretty !!!
I believe someone should vote for me because of my extreme determination and lively personality!
Because why the hell not?
Total groupie, mate!
Because I'm a talented musician that needs a 9 sixty thousand dollar break....and a new trailer!
I want to prove America wrong about teenage girls.
I love acting; am energetic, quixotic and lively and am willing to do anything it takes to win!
I will give presents to all the ladies!
because, god, gave me one gift, he shaped my ass, to fit billboard sitting, call it a gift, or curse