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Lets Get Weird
Great WTYT Billboard Sitting Contest
I am a engaging visual artist (painter/photographer), actor, and singer-songwriter.
I'm a sassy little blonde girl born and raised in West TX but have serious OCD so it'd be hilarious.
Vote for me because I'm just crazy enough to win a contest of living life and sitting endurance!
Freedom! It'll give me a chance to explore real creativity, time away from my mom and boys.
because, god, gave me one gift, he shaped my ass, to fit billboard sitting, call it a gift, or curse
Because everything sounds better with a British accent. Even sitting not saying anything.
Because I'm the BEST!!!
I'm definitely a "goof ball" with many "blonde moments". This film would be right up my alley!
I'm good at tricking people into losing.
I am simply awesome at sitting. I'm good-looking and not afraid to look stupid. Attractive Comedy yo
Kelsey Lane
I am fun, cooperative, cheerful, and determined to win!!!
Funny free spirit in search of finding herself
I'm fun, fancy, and fabulous! I don't take no for an answer!
I am a pro at sitting; I will make the entire contest super fun with my energy and enthusiasm!
My video is 1 second too long and I don't care! I'm lying I'm so sorry please vote for me.

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