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Jezebel has taken the area by storm…

Jez plays the whole spectrum of all things rock to dance, uplifting trance and hard-core to techno through rap, pop and old school. She can deliver any style asked of her by promoters, making her an all-round versatile DJ.

Her first ever gig was back in November 2003, at a college radio station in Bethlehem. From this, she had an online video and audio archive put onto the website, which was the stepping stone to getting herself heard and getting more gigs all over the Northeast.
Now her sights are set even higher, and in December 2010, she was lucky enough to have WTYT approach her and give her the opportunity of a lifetime by asking her to become part of the first Alternative AM Rock Station, WTYT960.

“I am here to help spread the love, with this upstart, renegade, maverick radio station. We love the alt scene and being here at WTYT960, we are about to change the way music goes viral!” ~ Jez


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