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Death to the McKenzie's

Los Angeles, California

The Shouldn't, we don't want prizes or fame. We just want to heard by those who love good rock!

About Death to the McKenzie's

Death to the McKenzie’s has been a long time coming. Paul P. was in a band called “The Freeloaders.” Buster Highman and him started this band together with a guy named Abel Rives and they were a typical Garage band that had song writing talent but played and performed like crap. The band broke up after a year and on hiatus Buster and Paul began to improve their playing abilities and they formed a band called “For Tomorrow.” This band produced an EP, a live DVD and One music video for a song entitled “The Xmas Song.” Recording began to take a backseat to life, practices grew further and further between and eventually “For Tomorrow” was forgotten tomorrow.
On this hiatus Paul P. began a solo project, going solely by the name of Paul Perez. He released five albums, including “Anthology,” “Left Behind,” “Death To The McKenzie’s,” Fade to Black,” “Life On Omega 3,”Experiments Gone Awry (full of b-sides and rarities) and finally “Existence Precedes Meaning.” That was fun for a awhile but he missed jamming and collaborating with others so he formed “Death To The McKenzie’s.” The name was based on his third solo “rock opera” album title.
Death To The McKenzie’s is now Paul P. McKenzie on Guitar and Vocals – Buster H. McKenzie on Drums and Mama Firefly McKenzie on Bass and Backing Vocals. Their debut release is entitled “Control Theory.” It is a 12-track album with tempos ranging from the fast tempo grunge “A Storm is Coming,” to the moderate, power rock “La La Land,” and even slower, personal rock songs like the hit “Suicide Note.”
The Songs on Death To The McKenzie’s first album, “Control Theory” are rooted in philosophy. They are about love, religion, hypocrisy, psychology and the release of control in order to obtain a state of enlightenment.
Their debut 12-track album “Control Theory,” is now in full release and can be purchased on Itunes, Zune, Amazon, Myspace music, Napster, Emusic, Rhapsody, Spotify and Reverbnation. Or you can visit the official “McKenzie’s Online Mall” for a compact disc: http://www.reverbnation.com/store/artist_436980 or the official website at http://www.deathtothemckenzies.webs.com

It’s Grunge, Alternative, Punk, New Wave…it’s the truth, with massive fucking distortion!


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