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  • Isabella Wainright
  • Church of Trees
  • Ugochill
  • (Silence)
  • Unknown Nobodies
  • The Hook
  • Needle Points
  • Radio Drive


Watseka, Illinois

Our songwritting is about real life situation's or everyday incounters that people may have.

About 63

We are a hard rock/old school heavy metal band from Watseka, IL. Established in Febuary 2010 from 5 first time, self taught musician’s. Playing our first show march 19, 2010. Recording our first demo in july 2010 at D.S.P. Recording Studio, special thanks to Steve Duckett. Our songwritting is about real life situation’s or everyday incounters that people may have. We play what we feel, and we feel what we play.
In September we lost a member due to personal reasons, but the chemistry remains intact and has actually grown stronger. We are all about original music and currently working on getting back to the studio to lay down our new tracks. We have had great support since we started this gig from family, friends, and other bands Redneck Remedy and Braille to name a few. But most importantly all the fans that support us. You are the driving force behind what is 63!


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