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Six Months Gone

Detroit, Michigan

Because we ROCK...DUH!

About Six Months Gone

Formed in late 2009, Six Months Gone is a Hard Rock band from the Westside of Detroit, MI. Influenced by bands from the classic AND modern eras, they have taken Rock back to it’s Glory Days. With lots of gritty guitars, hook-y choruses, driving bass lines and big drums, the sound is fresh… yet also familiar.

With the October 2010 release of their EP ‘Things That Almost Killed Me’, 6MG tracks were put into regular rotation on internet radio stations, podcasts and area collage radio! The track ‘If I’ was even featured on 89X’s The Homeboy Show on CIMX 88.7FM Windsor/Detroit! Now, the band is poised to hit the studio YET AGAIN to work on the full length CD ‘Enceladus’. The sophomore effort is slated for release sometime in early to mid 2011.

The three song EP is but a taste of what the band has to offer sonically. Six Months Gone hopes that the full length will cover ALL the bases, as their live sets tend to do. It’s been said that “whatever you are into musically, you should hear something you like at a Six Months Gone show…”


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