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Clear For Takeoff

Ellicott City, Maryland

Vote for CFT because we're a group of guys that are on quest to extinguish hate with music!

About Clear For Takeoff

What began in the Summer of 2009 as merely a jam session gone right has given rise to Maryland’s newest Pop Rock sensation: Clear For Takeoff. Despite the band’s small town upbringing, after their song “Rockaby in E-Flat” earned a slot in Hollister Co.’s Fall 2010 worldwide playlist and their entry of “The Drive Home” made them a top-12 finalist for DC 101’s nationally renowned Chili Cook-off, a band that has not even turned a year old is suddenly turning heads across the country and is taking on the shape of a polished, mature group that is eagerly ready for the next step.

Their unique story began with the demise of two locally acclaimed bands, The Good Fight and Courting Amber. Since every good thing must eventually come to an end, lead vocalist Brendan Biondi and drummer Joe Whiting of The Good Fight, and Marc LaMartina, lead singer of Courting Amber, each looked to rebuild and get back to creating catchy, innovative melodies that reach out to their audiences. With nothing more than the desire to get back to the music, Brendan and Marc decided to join forces in hopes of rocking out in a way that listeners have never heard or seen before. During its infancy, the band had experienced several lineup changes that could have easily sent them discouragingly back to the drawing board, however it was the adversity early on that in turn brought the group closer than ever before. The recent additions of Justin Bakhshai, a soulful lead guitarist who showcases his exceptional talent with energy and precision, and Joe Enste, a rhythmically trained bass player who’s skill and heart adds a solid backbone to the group, have provided Clear For Takeoff with stability and a seemingly bright future.

To distinguish themselves from other Pop Rock groups, CFT features two distinct lead vocalists who each bring something refreshingly original and honest to the table. Together, the front men produce unforgettable harmonies and “are like two halves of a whole,” as a fan once described. On June 1, 2010, the band released their debut album, “Wake The City” (Amped Recording/Pinup Recording, Mastered by Turtle Tone Studio), a 12-song L.P. (plus 3 bonus tracks on iTunes) that equally demonstrates the talent of both lead singers and songwriters. After finishing their first tour of the Midwest last summer, earning national recognition from Abercrombie & Fitch, and playing showcases for local radio stations: 98 Rock and DC-101, the band has certainly seen its share of growth in the past year. As they continue their quest to become a household name, Clear For Takeoff promises to do whatever it takes to connect to their listeners, and with such an original sound that delivers a strong one-two punch to the face of Pop Rock, the sky is the limit for this talented group.


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