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Saints of Valory

Austin, Texas

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About Saints of Valory

From four different countries spanning three continents, Saints of Valory come with quite the international flair. Frontman Gavin Jasper is from Rio de Janeiro Brazil, guitarist Godfrey Thomson from southern California, on drums Gerard Bouvier is from France, & on keyboards Stephen Buckle hails from Canada. After forming in Atlanta in 2009, the band relocated to Austin in the spring of 2010 & already have a rapidly growing fan base due in part to their live show which is best described as “electric”.

The band members have played in various rock acts over the years, but this band appears to possess the Midas touch. In the practice room, there are 2 simple rules; less is more, every note must mean something. So far, the results have been exceptional. “The illegitimate love child of Coldplay, Kings of Leon & The Killers”, is a common comparison describing the bands fresh sound.

Saints of Valory spent September 2010 with acclaimed producer Dwight A. Baker in Austin recording their debut record “The Bright Lights”. The much anticipated record was released to considerable fanfare on November 29th 2010. Touring ensued & the band quickly found themselves in the midst of a winter tour to promote the record. 2011 is looking more & more like the breakout year for Saints of Valory.


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