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Honolulu, Hawaii

Because it feels good.

About FallsStart

Casūs Incīpīunt – For FallsStart, it’s more than just an album title, it’s the physical manifestation of the group’s hard work and dedication to their craft; the realization of a musical vision by way of fierce guitar work, pounding rhythms, and searing vocals.
“When I finally had the finished album in my hands, I felt so proud,” said singer Davey Leatherwood. “We were going for something very fast paced and very energetic, an album that could stand on its own two feet without rehashing something that had already been done. And I think we accomplished that.”
Indeed, the three-piece band, comprised of singer/rhythm guitarist/bassist/violinist Leatherwood, lead guitarist/manager Adrian Cottmeyer, and drummer Jaron Seuis, combines the best of their wide-ranging influences and hard-nosed technical proficiency to create something wholly their own.
“Starting out in the third grade as a violinist, classical music has always played a role in my musical upbringing, and some of that definitely makes it into our music. We have influences from everywhere – The Beatles, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Clapton, Skynyrd, up to the new stuff like Yellowcard, Story of the Year, Taking Back Sunday, and Paramore. We take all of these influences and mesh them together the best we can,” said Leatherwood.
FallsStart is based out of Honolulu, but the band members have played and practiced together around the globe. Leatherwood and Cottmeyer first met in 2006 while stationed in South Korea on active duty for the United States Air Force. The two quickly bonded over their love of music, and began jamming together. In 2008, Leatherwood opted to join the Air Force music troupe Tops in Blue, where Seuis played drums.
“We were touring through Spain, playing in Tops in Blue, when one of the civilians in charge heard some of my songs and asked me to record an album. I ended up chatting with him for a while about the music industry and was inspired to start my own group.” said Leatherwood. “I didn’t want to be a solo artist with hired musicians, but I knew that my best friend Jaron’s rhythmic abilities would add so much to the project. I mentioned to Jaron that I was toying with the idea bringing him in as a studio drummer and I was ecstatic when he looked at me and said, ‘hold up, I’m either actually in the band or no deal.’ That’s when FallsStart was born.”
Cottmeyer was the natural choice for lead guitarist and he assumed his role in the band during the fall of 2008. With a tight budget and the burning desire to cut an album, the band drove out to Audyssey Studios in Oklahoma City and immediately got to work during the summer of 2009.
“The recording went pretty smoothly. Pretty much everything was done in just a few takes. The drums took us 5 days, 4 for the rhythm guitars, 4 for the lead guitar, about 2 days for the Bass, and then the rest of the month was dedicated to vocals,” said Cottmeyer. Seuis remarked, “A ridiculous amount of emotion was put into these tunes by each member of the band and the entire production staff. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced in the music industry. ”
“Instead of going with the typical self-titled first album, we decided to give it a bit of a twist,” said Leatherwood. The group chose to call their debut album Casūs Incīpīunt, which is Latin for FallsStart. The same type of spirited word play carries into the band’s name, which originated from a song Leatherwood wrote as a teenager called “Summer’s End.”
After hearing the final product, the trio agreed that a career in music was an attainable goal, and one worthy of pursuit. After years of being holed-up for hours practicing in garages and living rooms, for weeks on end, fine-tuning their songs and refining their skills, the band finally had a complete album. Ready to break out of the local scene and onto the national circuit, Casūs Incīpīunt was officially released on October 31, 2010 via a label owned by the band, Falls Start, ltd.
Yet, even though it seems like it’s been a long road up to this point, the journey for FallsStart has really just begun.

Check out our official website; www.fallsstart.com as well as going to www.Reverbnation.com and our FB page. You can then become part of our Street Team, and get more inside information! 🙂


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