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Bent Self

Phoenix, Arizona

Because its a unique Alternative/Trip Hop mix of emotions !

About Bent Self

Bent Self music is the mind of Dustyn Marsing. Created through the love of music, and a microphone there are no boundaries in producing this Experimental, Trip Hop, Alternative music. Utilizing a strong stage performance, audiences cannot help but be captivated by this unique blend of melodic aggression.

Dustyn Marsing has been in the local and semi national music scene since 2001. As the vocalist for Arvins Garden, his aggressive vocals, relatable lyrics, and commanding stage presence lent to the wide popularity of this nu-metal band. Bent Self is an expression of Dustyn Marsing in its entirety. This solo project has been influenced by a variety of artists including Beastie Boys, NIN, Hed pe, Kid Cudi, DJ Krush, Korn, Atmosphere, and so many more!



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