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millburn, New Jersey

cause ian scotty kurzer is the greatest musician of all time

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About Graffiti

hands down graffiti is better than any other band ever on planet earth. basically it is a big world and a small world. and Tyler lotan and ian were created to create music together. it is a small world but a big universe. If you are sam schacter and hate graffiti thats fine. we dont even want you to vote for us. Because we know that we have the talent and skills to beat any other band in a battle of the bands show down. The 11 song album the addiction lp is hereby the greatest album of all time. Graffit tops creed nickelback, led zeppelin, metallica, sublime and any other band you can think of. They are amazing and should not even be comapred to anyone or anything. The act of hating on graffiti should be looked down upon as treason and if you even think about it you will regret it for the rest of your life. check out our myspace WWW.MYSPACE.COM/GRAFFITITHEBAND


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