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1000 Reasons

Cleveland, Ohio

We make music for the music, ourselves, and for our fans. Give us a shot at what you think!

About 1000 Reasons

From punk melodies and influences to their hip-hop poses, the trio 1000 Reasons has been together since 2010 which originated in Cleveland, Ohio by founder Drew Semelsberger (lead vocals and rhythm guitar) and Neal Kumar (drums and percussion). The duo has been successful for a year or so (2009), playing many local shows and getting well-known. After sharing mutual interests over bands such as Blink-182 and practicing for half a dozen hours each day, they searched out for a lead guitarist around Greater Cleveland. Hayden Frosti’s name as been getting bounced around through word-of-mouth as being a really good guitarist in Northern Ohio. Eventually, Drew got a call from Hayden, since Hayden was looking for a dedicated punk-rock band to join, and Drew and Neal auditioned him for 1000 Reasons, feeling extremely confident in his abilities and Hayden proved it by easily ripping through Yngwie Malmsteen like it was 3rd grade material.
1000 Reasons’s online success has shot up profusely. Within one year of creating the MySpace, 1000 Reasons’s page has gained well-known success, considering the fact that the page contains over 70,000 unique visitors, fans ranging from the US to China and recently, their demo of their new original song, Perfect Circle, has gained wide popularity of over 4,000 plays in less than two weeks. The demo has gotten them countless number of shows in the Cleveland area and it continues to grow each day.
The band plans on turning their accomplishments of what’s aquired now into a well developed, future career in the music business: releasing full-length albums and EP’s, touring, additional promotions, and even merchandise.


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