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Virginia Beach, Virginia

Because we rock!

About Funksion

Funksion is the definition of concentrated energy. This explosive group of men will send any audience home happy. For the last several years, Funksion has unmercifully set the standard for talent, with their sights set for the world. They have quickly distinguished themselves with their brilliant songwriting abilities and superb musicianship.

Funksion stands out among the rest of the rock bands with their aggressive lyrical attack on everything in life matters. Their songs capture audiences with melodic vocal hooks, aggressive guitar work and hypnotizing rhythmic harmony. It’s easy to see the immense talent of each member and what they bring to the table. Among the four members, they have an incredibly diverse musical background and aren’t afraid to throw something out there and see how it is received. With their creative original songs, Funksion captures the audience’s attention from the first line and doesn’t give it back until closing time!


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