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Oakland, California

We rock the indie dream!

About Sentinel

We are an indie-pop band based out of Oakland, CA. The seeds of this sunny seaside dream-pop began when Tarabud & Dennis joined forces in 2000, and met up with Billy all up in the San Francisco Bay. Our mutual visions of Cocteau Twins/Smith/U2/My Bloody Valentine/Cure have allowed us to share in our collective inspirations. Over the years we have self released the following series of album: Sentinel (self-titled)-2004, The Singles-2005, Sequels & Hunches E.P. – 2007, Kites Without Strings -2008, For Days Deep-2/2010. Our newest release is the single Jet Black- 11/2010! You can download all our albums on CDBaby & iTunes!
Jet Black new music video ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRZmatMXEFs


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