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Fridays Waiting

Wichita, Kansas

Because we will love them forever :) and make more great music just for them :)

About Fridays Waiting

Born from the ashes of the equivalent of a musical Armageddon raises the Phoenix known as Fridays Waiting. Fridays waiting is strait out of the Devils belt in Wichita Kansas The band consists of Juana Villa on Vocals, Jeremy Twist on guitar, Andrew Douty on bass, Chris Zornes on Percussion and Sean Liike on drums. Each member comes from a different corner of the musical spectrum pulling influences from Metal, Rock, Funk, Country, Celtic, and even new world. This band infuses there music with a well orchestrated synergy of beautiful lyrics, hard hitting dynamics, and soul grabbing melodies. When asked what inspires them and keeps them focused on conquering the music industry, they simply replied “it is not our goal to conquer anything or anyone we are here at the mercy of our fans and are honored that they carry us and push us forward with their love and support as we say at every show they are amazing. This isn’t a competition for us it’s just what we love to do and what we especially love to do together”. If you like what you hear check this band out at www.fridayswaiting.org


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