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Kings & Comrades

Philadelphia, PA, Pennsylvania

We love making music and spreading positive vibes

About Kings & Comrades

Originally formed in 2006, as two-piece acoustic outfit consisting of singer, songwriter Jeff McCaughey and drummer/percussionist Steve Morris, the band has grown and evolved a lot since their early days. The band added members on bass, guitar, and percussion and began recording demos and playing shows. Kings and Comrades have played many venues in the Philadelphia area including World Cafe Live, and headlining The Trocadero Mainstage. After a hiatus that has seen members move on and pursue new avenues, the band reformed in the summer of 2010 with Dennis Stolle on Bass, Danny Serrano on drums and Brandon Paster filling out the sound on Keyboards. The band has recently just finished recording their first official EP, which is due out in late June. The EP, “On The Rise,” will feature 6 brand new tracks with a roots-reggae feel. Stay tuned.


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