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Harlan Flo

Chicago area, Illinois

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About Harlan Flo

HARLAN FLO is “New School Blues Rock”. They specialize in classic-rock, blues-rock, and rock originals and covers.
let me introduce the band…

Patrick Dugan is the songwriting machine who mixes tradition and trailblazing on guitar. A pioneer suburban music teacher by day, there isn’t a stage that can contain the Berklee grad’s audacious leads and smooth baritone vocals.

Amanda “T-Rex” Riva is a rhythmic spark on vocals and guitar. A dancer and painter in her other life, Riva’s adventurous singing and animated playing help blur the musical boundaries.

Jack “The Jungle Dog” Baker is a 30-year bass-playing veteran of the Chicago blues scene. A former sandcastle builder, the California native puts the rude in crude with his boss, bone-rattling funk.

Aaron Apter is a drummer with an unmatched work ethic and the ability to swing a tune from soulful to slamming in a flash. involved in many musical endeavors and odd situations “Raptor” is a master of the off chance.


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