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When it comes to all things rock, J.C. has got you covered. A fan of alternative music stemming from classic rock, he has an affinity for collecting vinyl records and is proud of his diverse collection. TV on the Radio, Interpol, Minus the Bear, and Mars Volta make their way into his collection with seasoned veterans The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin. J.C. is also very much into the independent music scene and loves finding bands that have their own distinct sound of rock.

Originally from Athens, GA, J.C. made the move to Austin, TX in order to be immersed in the “live music capital of the world.” With nearly 200 live music venues in Austin, J.C. manages to keep himself busy when he’s not laying down your favorite WTYT 960 tracks.

When J.C. isn’t checking out the music of Austin, he reads a lot of Chuck Klosterman and Allen Ginsberg and indulges in what he refers to as “excessive amounts” of reality TV. His favorites include The Amazing Race, Deadliest Catch, and Top Chef, all of which are paired with some mint chocolate chip ice cream, but “only the green kind, not the white kind…yes there is a difference!”

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