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Old Stock

Alameda, California

badass blown out bar rawk delivering wicked chops

About Old Stock

Uncomplicated. This sums up Old Stock in the best way. The name reminds me of being a grad student and pouring through boxes of historical and uncatalogued media, searching for an undiscovered standout among the cliche and dated material of everything else. Timeless and real, something that urges you to investigate because of the authentic depth, the unanticipated emotion and raw brokering of spirit with power. You could overlook these guys, and if you judge on things like branding, marketing or target demographics you should just keep moving. Old Stock has no need of your pre-conceived notions. They rock in the classic sense, but could probably teach an evening class at the post-punk annex; and do it well. – catch a live show you’ll see what I mean.
-Toby Carital/Mind Tree Music