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Black Owl

Lowell, Massachusetts

We'll bring the beer!!

About Black Owl

Randy Reed (vocals/guitar) Gene Newton (bass) and Chris Plowman (Drums) were thrown together in 2006 to fill an opening slot for Quiot Riot. They recorded a 5 song demo which went all the way to LA with “alone” and “Lazy F**k” ending up on a Manic Records compilation album.
Offically coming together under the name Black Owl Rock in 2008. The name comes from an angry fan who emailed “may human sized owls attack you”. they’ve been rocking ever since. Nothing but Raunchy fist pumping rock’n roll.
Releasing the single ‘Rock Street House in Lowell’ fall of 2010 the boys are hard at work on the debut album “The duct tape chronicles.”


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