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Circle of Sanity

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Vote for us if you like Heavy, Melodic Rock.

About Circle of Sanity

Circle of Sanity formed in September of 2008 Combining an array of styles. Josh Sapna(lead vocals and lead guitar). Guitar influences include David Gilmour, Jimmy Page, Randy Rhodes, and Steve Vai. Dan Molkenthin (lead and rythm guitar) is a classically trained guitarist and music major with influences similar to Josh Sapna’s. Josh Austin (bass guitar) is a melodic bassist and music major with influences from Pink Floyd to Tool. Kevin Horner (drums) has his roots in hardcore metal ranging from Pantera and Biohazard to Lamb of God and Slipknot. We were brought together by bandmix.com and ever since then we have been writing new material, performing some songs that were written by individual members before we were together, and Playing shows locally and regionally. We’ve done verything from 50 seat bars to 2000 seat clubs like the Silo in Reading and Mac’s club in Maryland. One thing remains consistent through every show we do and that’s an overwhelming positive response from our audiences.


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