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The Oldest Profession

Portland, Oregon

We'll make you dance

About The Oldest Profession

Cold was an understatement. It was one thing to live in a big house. It was another thing to live in a big house, without functioning heat, in the dead of a Memphis winter. When residing in a place where freezing temperatures are regularly read on the thermostat, productivity is generally hard to come by however, the passion and drive put forth by The Oldest Profession lit the flame that would warm the house all winter. During those five frigid months, scores of songs were written and the “Ice Box” as we called it would transform time and time again into a functioning studio. It also played an organic role in turning the bands live performances into an explosive display of physical and musical energy. When rehearsing the Ice Box, the only way to stay warm was to jump around and for lack of a better term, to “rock out.” This newly caged beast was then set free on stage and gained The Oldest Profession access to play with groups such as Reeves Gabrels, Morning Teleportation, Nico’s Gun, and Margot and The Nuclear So So’s.
The band as a whole has spent significant time digging deep back into the hard life and hard music of Memphis’s past. Pulling inspiration from Memphis greats such as Howlin Worlf, Memphis Minnie, and James Carr, The Oldest Profession embraces the struggles of the past and musically juxtaposes it to a more modern side of the blues. If you’ve ever been heartsick, worked a factory job, been kicked to the street with nowhere to go, or just had a bad case of itchy feet, The Oldest Profession has been there and lived to sing about it.
For a change of scenery, the band decided to head west to Portland in April 2011. In their new habitat, they quickly got the ball rolling and have promised three to four pending self recorded and produced 2011 releases as well as regular performances within the Portland area. The Oldest Profession may have headed west, but they brought the heart of the south with them.


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