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Aiding The Arsonist

Chicago, Illinois

We are a straight-forward band with a good sound that won't disappoint you.

About Aiding The Arsonist

Aiding the Arsonist started off as Joe on vocals and Eddy playing guitar, just jamming in a garage. Soon afterwards Kyle came along on drums and they jammed occasionally. Joe heard of Andy’s amazing guitar skills and immediately got him onboard. Soon after Brian grabbed a Bass and came on just in time for their first big show at Congress. Jordan then replaced Eddy on guitar, after unfortunate circ…umstances, and the rest is history. Aiding the Arsonist has just finished working on their first demo. The band has grown into a force to be wreckoned with. This band is based on friendship, family, love, dedication, and the desire to do what they love (make music). With many shows to come, Aiding the Arsonist will definatey leave you breathless with their crazy show antics.


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