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The Direction

Salt Lake City, Utah

Because we know how to do blues right!

About The Direction

The Direction is a blues-rock outfit with a sound you won’t find anywhere else but in the ears they continue to please. This locally acclaimed band has kicked down the poorly padded door and is ready to show you how the blues is done right. Vocalist, Felicia Anderton, sings with a passion rarely seen this side of Tallahassee. Pair that passion with the mesmerizing guitar work of Elan Bartholomew and Steve Hutchinson, and the soulful sounds just don’t stop. Add to this Addison Aldous’ pounding drum rhythms, and these young artists set a new bar for versatility. The band has released their debut album, “From VII & IV” in July of 2010, which promises to fill any audience’s ears with unrestrained paramount sound and singular lyrics.


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