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Vividly Dim

Ridgewood, New York

Because we're a fun & unique band :)

About Vividly Dim

Vividly Dim was born in the living room of its two founding members Joni Stephens and Chasidy Ryan. The couple both shared an eclectic taste in music. They had no problem starting the project as an acoustic one. First writing together “Brother Bond” based on a tragic loss they had in common the loss of their older brothers. Next was “Travesty” which touched on racial discrimination and how it effects an image-based society. It was clear they
were on to something.
Later on two amazingly talented musicians joined the indie duo:Doni Lee Roman and Ashley Jayde. They were the missing elements needed. Doni Lee Roman a self taught bassist learned listening to greats like Flea,Bootsy Collins and Tool’s Justin Chancellor. Ashley mastered trombone, violin and guitar at a very young age, but was looking for an instrument she was truly one with. In 2005 she watched a video by Sheila E which inspired her to take up drumming and she’s never looked back.
Now together as “VD” they have several successful shows under their belts and a steadily growing fanbase; They are currently rehearsing for upcoming shows and working on their second EP due out this summer.


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