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Broken Silence

Manchester, Tennessee

Cause were real!

About Broken Silence

Out of the peaceful Mountains and Valley’s of rural Middle Tennessee, where there’s mist in the mountains in the morning and In a place that is so quiet the silence is sometimes deafening comes something new and raw, something out of the norm and not worried about the status quo. With melodic vocals, guitars that speak to your inner beast, bass that will crack your ribs and thunderous drums, the …silence of rural Tennessee is broken and out of the mist comes BROKEN SILENCE.

With Enoch Jenkins – Vocals, Derrick Layne – Lead Guitar, Matt Morrison – Bass and Lenny DeBruyn – Drums, BROKEN SILENCE has a take no prisoner’s mentality when it comes to their music. BROKEN SILENCE doesn’t claim to be “the next big thing”, but they have stayed true to themselves and their music by being diverse and doing it the way they want to. “You can tell us we can’t, but we’ll show you we can! Believe that” is the motto they have stuck to since the bands beginnings. This band brings a ton of energy to every venue they play along with a full on rock show! BROKEN SILENCE is a no non-sense band that believes in putting it out there to the masses with hard driving in your face songs like “Break me off” and “90 Proof” to the melodic “Complicated” and “All that Remains”. They like to mix it up, but stay true to the music. Bottom line, this band is ready to make some noise and rock a very unsuspecting audience and make no mistake, in a world that likes to play games, BROKEN SILENCE says, Game on!