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Brixton Saint

New Castle, Delaware

Real Deal Outlaw Reggae

About Brixton Saint

Brixton Saint’s updated take on reggae music tells the stories of the working class, turning a spotlight on the issues of life, love, politics, crime, war and the over-commercialization of modern society. Driven by empowering original songs, powerful live performances and a strong fan base, Brixton Saint follows in the footsteps of revolutionary artists like Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Bad Brains, Culture and The Clash.

Debuting in 2009, Brixton Saint has played to enthusiastic crowds along the East Coast of the USA including such venues as The North Star, The M Room, World Café Live, The 8X10, The Rusty Rudder, The Khyber, Mojo 13, Mojo Main, Deer Park, Triumph Brewing, Kelly’s Logan House, The Grand Opera House, Cinemart Space 17, Biddy Early’s, Fish Head Cantina, The Whiskey, Kenny’s Castaways, Ocean City Convention Center and many more.

Brixton Saint’s music has been featured on regional and college radio stations in the greater Philadelphia area and internationally on a number of internet radio stations (Jango, Rukus Radio).

In 2010, Brixton Saint was a finalist for “Best Album” by a Philadelphia/Wilmington area artist on WSTW and a finalist in Out and About Magazine’s “Musik Armageddon”.

Brixton Saint’s second release, the “E Pluribus Unum” EP, was released in April, 2011. The full-length debut album, “The Cure for the Babylon Brain”, was released on Green Eyed Lion Records in February, 2010. Both releases are available on iTunes.



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