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Baltimore, Maryland

Shiloh has a unique blend of styles stemming from different genres. Plus, Baltimore Rocks !

About Shiloh

“Unmistakable” (blogspot.com) is how bloggers describe the Shiloh sound with its intense vocalist and virtuoso keyboard soloing even as their ensemble work channels rock icons like Coldplay and HIM.

They’ve been featured on Baltimore’s premiere indie rock radio outlet, “Noise In The Basement” from 98Rock and have been building an enthusiastic fan base over the last five years playing bars, coffee houses, and concert venues like Sonar and the Johns Hopkins SummerFest.

“Mesmerizing voice”…”kick-ass show”…”awesome blend of styles, even though each of you comes from a totally different musical background” – are some of the things people are saying – after gigs, in texts, and anytime a Shiloh song streams…