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The Crystal Vision

Saint Charles, Illinois

With many musical backgrounds we create a unique music experience for listeners

About The Crystal Vision

We started back in 2010 with a 4 piece band consisting of two guitars (ryan and peter) a drummer (Jon) and a vocalist (Tom) The band flourished from there and began writing original tunes. Then in the following summer a bass player was added (Nick). All of us as musicians have diverse musical backgrounds which really plays into our music, and really gives it a unique sound. We play local shows and they are always a ton of fun because we have awesome fans, (a group of them make an appearance on the track ‘Fishbowls’) Right now as a band we are looking to expand out our fanbase and keep playing shows and keep awesome music alive. We released our first EP ‘Welcome to the Dark Room’ this September and is available for free at our bandcamp and reverbnation pages


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