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Brooks Long

Baltimore, Maryland

Vote for whoever you want. Just listen and follow me on the journey.

About Brooks Long

He writes his own soul.

Brooks Long is an equal parts soul shouter and pop poet. Melding the traditions of vintage R&B and Blues with the aesthetics of classic singer/songwriters, he brings the old school into the 21 century in a style all his own. Whether by himself or with his backing band, the funky, righteous Mad Dog No Good, he brings to his live shows the kind of passion, energy and humor rare in today’s music scene.

Brooks didn’t grow up on the rough streets of Baltimore, but did grow up in a house on the rough streets of Baltimore. “Like a lot of kids, I wasn’t involved in anything, but I saw enough. It got me thinking deep thoughts pretty early.” Attracted to a wide range of music from an early age and spending much of his youth in various gospel choirs, including one that found him on stage backing Shania Twain, he grew to meld his singing talent with guitar and songwriting.

While pursuing a degree in English and Music History at Washington College, Brooks began playing guitar, writing and singing in the funky, rocking four-piece, The Took. Having played venues from Baltimore to Delaware to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, they released the EP “The Took Makes An EP” in 2009.

As a solo act, Brooks has headlined at the premier Rams Head Live and shared the stage with established indie artists such as Elizabeth and The Catapult, 2-time Grammy Nominee Karter Jaymes, Femi the Dri Fish and Kentavius Jones. Releasing the personal, largely acoustic The Songster in Fall 2011 and planning a Brooks Long and the Mad Dog No Good EP soon after, Brooks will be bringing his grit and wit style to the scene for years to come.


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