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Boston, Massachusetts

We're everything, anyone, anytime, with a seriously ballsy chick front person, Lindsey Kyte

About Melt

As the name implies, incorporates a variety of styles and ‘MELTS’ them together.

Bassist Paul Pipitone had been on the local circuit for several years and was looking to do something new that combined elements that were dynamic and jarring yet still accessible and melodic. Initially, he wanted to combine punk, art rock, goth and funk and was hoping to find people not afraid to branch out from static one-dimensional rock sounds.

A kindred spirit was found in Dan Inzana who took on lead guitar duties in the fall of 2008. Dan is also a veteran of the local Boston rock scene. The two instantly connected and the playing/writing styles and personalities complimented immediately. Dan’s style is a combination of alternative and atmospheric, while still maintaining a soaring driving feel that changes on a dime.

Early in 2010 the original drummer decided to move back to his home state.
Almost immediately the job was filled by Ben Lyons. Originally from Nashua, New Hampshire, Ben has added immediate fire, excitement and humor. His versatility brings rhythms from all over the globe all the while sounding authentic and powerful. Other than writing a solo project, Melt is Ben’s first real musical endeavor since his band, Delusional Destiny (Albany, NY) called it quits in 2004.

A two month audition process ensued to find the perfect singer who had a strong clear voice, charisma, range and versatility. Enter Lindsey Kyte, classically trained soprano extraordinaire. From the second she belted out her first note, it was clear she was the voice and front person we had been looking for. Lindsey resides in Lowell MA where she has performed in two of local choir groups. Lindsey cites her inspirations as the power of Simone Simons from Epica, the range and control of Sarah Brightman with the haunting style of Amy Lee of Evanesence. Using these styles and mixing them with her unique and sometimes quirky personality – Lindsey brings a new sound that compliments the band in new and exciting ways!


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