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Matt Romero

Winthrop, Massachusetts

original music from songwriter/producer who started in the late 90's during the boom of the mp3

About Matt Romero

Matt Romero has been writing and recording music since the late 90’s starting his stint at MP3.com and IUMA as well as Taxi…these sites are now long gone but Matt continues putting out music inspired by the acts he grew up which are the likes of bands like NIN, STP, Soundgarden, Guster and Days of the New to name a few. His unique rock sound infused with thoughtful but catchy lyric melodies and combination of electric and acoustic make Matt a one of a kind artist in today’s scene. He has recently released a brand new full length solo album “The Modern” in 2012 that you can download for free from most major sites including http://mattromero.bandcamp.com


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