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Houston, Texas

Cuz when you listen to us you'll think you're driving on pot holes!!!


The Swamps are an original, 3 piece band straight out of Houston Texas. Formed back in late 2010, The Swamps are quickly becoming one of Houston’s loudest and promising bands with its stripped down, heavy punk rock style. Formed by founding members Adrian Arellano (Guitar/Vocals), and Mike Marsh (Drums), the band has been quickly catching the ears of the local underground scene of Houston Texas with its first EP “Eleven by Eight”. Since the release of eleven by eight the band has gone through a few changes with the band’s line up and finding a bassist who can stick around was a challenge all its own, but after a few previous attempts at obtaining a bassist we finally found one that matches our brand of Rock N Roll, enter Mr. Gilbert Dokken! Since then, the Swamps have been playing the local scene and bars regularly and are working on a second EP which should be released later 2012. More to come, so be sure to check us out when we come to your town!


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