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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

About Yesterday

Releasing their first full length album in late 2011, YESTERDAY has skyrocketed to the forefront of the Pittsburgh music scene. Selling out nearly 500 units within the first month of the release, the debut made the band realize “This is for real,” as frontman Chris Diana put it. “We just cut to the chase and made a full length. It had to be full-energy, full-blast all the way to the end. And that’s exactly what we ended up with.” Receiving celebrated reviews from various media outlets, the band is moving full speed ahead with no thought of looking back. As reviewer from SoundOut.com stated, “Rock and roll at its best, this album has it all, attitude, guitar licks and great vocals” The debut album “Between Tomorrow” is available now worldwide. The band is currently working hard to promote it through touring and events.

The Pittsburgh based rock quartet didn’t start in quite the traditional manner. Emerging as a side project in late 2009 from the members’ previous ventures, Chris Diana began writing the material of YESTERDAY’s 4 track EP “Between Tomorrow EP” as the main project was beginning to dissolve. With the response of the “Between Tomorrow EP”, YESTERDAY quickly became a major priority. Frontman Chris Diana was soon joined by bassist Steve Hersch, drummer Corey Garone, and guitarist Colin May to complete the current lineup.


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