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Sherman Oaks, California

Because we can make them smile and feel happy, and humans like that

About Roman&Alaina

Roman&Alaina are an indie folk/pop duo whose catchy melodies and tight two-part harmonies makes them stand out in the crowd. You could try to put their sound in a box, but it’s just not possible – when you have a listen, you’ll know what I mean.

Perhaps this duo is hard to label because they each have such a diverse mix of musical influences ranging from jazz and funk, to country, acoustic folk, and most everything in between. Or perhaps it’s because it’s hard to label people that just don’t stand still for long.

Roman grew up in Seattle and Alaina is from the musical epicenter Toronto, Ontario and when not touring through their two countries, they occasionally pick a city to call home. They recently decided that Los Angeles was under populated with musicians and decided to move to CA to record their new release, “Last Forest in the City” (2011) produced by Drew Allsbrook.

Peppy melodies that include a beautiful blend of instruments leave you hanging at the end of every song to hear what comes next. The lyrics are real, and discuss the beauty in the ups and downs of life.

Roman&Alaina’s vocal blend suggest a singing/songwriting duo that actually likes each other, and indeed, after flirting around some fancy microphones in Nashville, TN the two instantly started writing and recording together and soon got married. They shamelessly sang their own songs at their wedding, and shortly after the honeymoon they released their debut album, “Sounds of Prayer,” (2008), produced by recording veteran Leonardo Bella.

Roman&Alaina released “Last Forest in the City” in November 2011 while backpacking in Israel, It’s a groovy roller coaster folk/pop record and the theme is primarily about growing pains, pleasures, and of course insights into what others call their “cute and quirky marriage”. The couple is now back in L.A promoting this new release and writing for their next project.


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