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West Chicago, Illinois

Users should vote Mathien because we are original, we have a lotta heart... oh and Jezebel digs us!

About Mathien

the nucleus of the band was formed at Southern Illinois
University Carbondale around the magnetic personality of
singer/songwriter/guitarist Chris Mathien. Bassist Mike Schiff was initially drawn to Mathien’s sharply observed lyrics and eclectic
musical influences. After signing with Midwest Music Group, relocating to Chicago
and releasing their debut “Hello Again” the band took to the road and became a
formidable live act selling out venues in Chicago and throughout the Midwest. In
the fall of 2010 with the addition of keyboardist Peter Wilkins the band returned
to the studio to begin work on their latest release “The Night I was an Alpha
Male”. The album is available in CD format through the band’s official website:
www.mathienlive.com and soon through all favored digital outlets including


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