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Derek Teague Band

San Angelo , Texas

For just being ourse

About Derek Teague Band

DEREK TEAGUE BAND is a fresh sound from west Texas that has a very eclectic style and a variety of genres compressed. They were able to record their first EP with Producer Sylvia Massy of RadioStar Studios in Northern California. Sylvia engineered and produced many Grammy Award winning projects and worked with Rick Rubin on his many achievements. Some of DTB have toured across Europe, the West Coast and all over the state of Texas and surrounding states.They have shared the stage with many nationally known acts and have performed at large music events and festivals across the south. Before DTB was constructed they spent a lot of years playing cover shows. They covered anything from Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Alternative, Pop, Country, Americana, Blues and Jazz. Even now they adapt to whatever the environment demands. There’s a mutual interest behind the bond these musicians have constructed and that is their passion for creating music.


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