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The Phoenix Bridge

Lehighton, Pennsylvania

Because we're the best there is.

About The Phoenix Bridge

The Phoenix Bridge is an American rock band that formed in Lehighton, Pennsylvania in 2009. The band’s original line-up consisted of Patrick Leaver (lead vocals/lead guitar/piano), Matt Leaver (Drums/backing vocals), and Hayden Lesko (Bass). In 2012, they added rhythm guitarist Rachel Holly.

In 2010, The Phoenix Bridge released their debut album “From The Ashes”. Unsatisfied with the sound, they reinvented themselves two years later with the release of “My Eyes Are Open”, which seemed to solidify their stand-out status in the genre by creating a sound entirely their own. Their mix of hard rock, blues, grunge, alternative rock, and funk create a style that no one has ever heard before. With songs like “Not In My Circle”, “Gun Shy”, “Stand Up”, “My Eyes Are Open”, and “Yellow Jeep”, The Phoenix Bridge plans to take the world by storm. In early 2013, an acoustic EP called “Dust” is due for a release.


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