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Leaving Lifted

Detroit, Michigan

A fresh fusion of Reggae/Ska/Funk/Rock originals!

About Leaving Lifted

Copyright © 2011-2013 Leaving Lifted. All Rights Reserved.

Leaving Lifted is a 3 piece band from Michigan that was conceived in April 2011 with main influences of Reggae, Ska, Funk, and Rock. The band consists of (Bassist/Vocals) Marty Gonyeau and (Drummer) Sean Catanese both former members of José Gold, and (Guitarist/Vocals) Tony Chambers former member of The Chasers.

National acts played with: The Green(Hawaii) Stick Figure(San Diego) The Veen Union(Canada)

Upcoming shows: Slightly Stoopid, and Tribal Seeds

We have recently cut a c-d in Rustbelt Studios where Kid Rock, Eminem and others record.


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