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Bong Hits For Jesus

Philadelphia, New Jersey

Because we're super dope and funky fresh.

About Bong Hits For Jesus

Bong Hits for Jesus is an eclectic mix coming together in an all-out party. This band is making some serious noise in the local music scene in the Philly area. They’re tearing up stages coast to coast as well, and leaving their mark on everyone who comes to a show (not by peeing on them, either. Just by rocking.). With a name like “Bong Hits for Jesus”, do you really think you could go to one of their shows and NOT have fun? BHFJ just recorded a new EP that they released at the Hemp Heals Festival where they shared the stage with Sublime w/ Rome, Cypress Hill, Pepper and the Manic Low. If you haven’t checked these guys out yet, make it your business to get out to a show. They’ll teach you how to get up to get down. Bong Hits for Jesus is a band not a brand. They play music not a genre.


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