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Bitter Angels

San Antonio, Texas

Big rock Sound with modern undertones.

About Bitter Angels

Bitter Angels is the brainchild project by Kory Brown that strives to bring back the passionate rock of the 80’s with the modern feel of today’s acts.

“Music today is missing a theatrical aspect that connects with the fans during live performances,” says Brown. “When it comes right down to it, music is all about the fans that choose to listen to your message as it’s conveyed in each song. Lyrics have to connect with your audience, have meaning and most importantly they have to be believable.”

Brown got his start in music in late high school and throughout college as a drummer while secretly aspiring to get up front to play the guitar and sing. After stepping away from music for many years, Brown returned to the scene with the formation of Bitter Angels in the fall of 2010. While the full band never really materialized, the concept continued to take shape and the song writing began. By mid 2011, Brown began playing acoustic shows in and around Austin, Texas featuring some of the new material.

Currently, Kory Brown has been writing the debut with the focus on each instrument and the sound as a full band. Recording began in November of 2012 and the target release date is in late April / early May of 2013.


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