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The Terribles

Glenolden, Pennsylvania

We're like a slap in the face with a hand full of awesome. A vote for us is a vote for a great time!

About The Terribles

A Philadelphia based quartet, The Terribles are the embodiment of gritty, east coast, rock and roll. Starting out as your average punk band, The Terribles formed, reformed, and re-reformed into what you now see today; an alcohol fueled pants party set to music. Women want them, and men want to be them… at least that’s what goes on inside the heads of The Terribles as they show their fans a great night out. Whether through song or deed there’s never a dull moment when these guys get together.

Music that forces you to have a good time combined with an unforgettably energetic live performance, a night out with The Terribles is like a slap to the face with a hand-full of awesome!

…and if you don’t believe it, see for yourself.