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This Way to the Egress

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Egress mixes a wide array of genres & sound to create a unique experience for the listener.

About This Way to the Egress

Its been said that “It’s as though EGRESS is the love child of Tom Waits and Liza Minelli”
With a firm musical base of ol’ timey roots, EGRESS weaves elements of klezmer, balkan, American blues, ragtime, swing, and punk rock into whiskey-soaked melodies, upbeat rhythms, and infectious refrains. All the while they fuse their eclectic sounds with visual antics such as confetti snow storms, tuba farts, and puppets of various sorts. In the process, they create a modern slant on the good old days of Vaudeville and present a performance unique to any other in their genre.