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Seattle, Washington

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About Windowpane

Windowpane is currently the most popular, independently distributed hard rock band in the Seattle/Washington area and is beginning to reach many others as a support act on major international tours. Windowpane is bringing the raw & ugly truth that IS American, dirty guitar driven, Rock & Roll back into the light, and people are hungry for it! Foregoing fancy stage props and theatrics, the band’s backdrop consists of vintage Marshall and Ampeg stacks, fronted with low slung Les Pauls and Fenders. Their sound is unique, gritty and dark, tailored with an angry blues essence that dances with loose and powerful grooves worthy of the classic rock icons. Their lyrics are honest, open and relate to a vulnerability that is within all of us. This genuine, infectious approach coupled with emotionally fueled live performances has generated a tremendous Northwest fan base and is beginning to have the same effect on the rest of the nation and Canada.

Windowpane has recently been making an international push via intense touring, both as a support act and on their own. By the Spring of 2012 Windowpane had completed several highly successful tours, including tours in support of artists such as Five Finger Death Punch, Soulfly & Queensryche. They wrapped up their Summer with a crushing set at the White River Amphitheater in Washington as part of Rockstar Energy’s UPROAR Festival tour among artists such as Staind, Godsmack, Shinedown and P.O.D. The band has moved close to 10,000 CDs independently to date and is seeing fan support grow in overwhelming waves. The song “House of Cards” from the “Daybreak” album found itself in regular rotation on terrestrial radio stations all along the West Coast, into the Midwest and many of the markets their tours reached in Canada. The band also has their music featured in several films, including the internationally distributed Ving Rhames film “Evil Angel” and the Sundance Original Film “A Different Corner.”

“People are really responding to what we’re putting out there, in every single city we play! We have no choice at this point but to keep this thing out and working on a nationwide basis,” says singer/guitarist Glenn Cannon. The crowd’s reaction to Windowpane on the road has been overwhelming. Ranging a large array of on-line music forums, streaming internet radio stations, and all digital media outlets, they are gaining new fans everywhere, everyday. Windowpane seems to be the breath of fresh air that so many die hard rock fans are starving for. Talented and powerful with hooks galore, minus the glitz and glamour. Windowpane is honest hard rock for the silent majority.


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