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Aaron Letrick

Detroit, Michigan

The only reason you should vote for me and my music is if you like it. I love what I do and hope you

About Aaron Letrick

Aaron Letrick
grew up in Detroit where he was raised in a household that was equally split between athletics, academics and entertainment. He chose entertainment over a possible professional hockey career. He still plays competitively four plus times a week. His successful run in the late 80’s garnered him an endorsement from Shure microphones. He is the former lead singer of the rock bands “PLEEZER” and “HOUSE OF USHER” and was named “Top 20 Male Vocalists of the 90’s” by Progressor Magazine. He is trained in legit and classical styles as well as pop and rock. He has worked on stage, film and television. He has played to many thousands live supporting the great bands of the 80’s, 90’s and into the New Millennium. Feeling the natural progression into stage acting he moved to New York to perform on Broadway. He has also done many national commercials and countless voice-over spots. Coming off a 32 episode run on ABC’s ALL MY CHILDREN and an NHL-Verizon television and print campaign, Aaron recorded his solo album “Dark Desire” with Grammy award winning engineer Chris Theis. The title track is currently available on iTunes.