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Lawrence Fernandez

Brooklyn, New York

I'm a tragically romantic actor from the isle of Samoa in search for hope
About Lawrence Fernandez

I’m your typical Filipino-Iranian from American Samoa with a pension for adventure. My life is filled with fantastic happenstances that have molded me into the wonderfully dashing, tormented artist of the 20th century. Yes, I am “the” one, and I have come to accept my situation and live with it. Is it hard waking up everyday to this face? No… but that’s beside the point.
I enjoy music of all kinds especially since they almost entirely affect my mood, ergo I need to be cautious in public settings otherwise I may be too affected by the music and weep publicly to Del Ray’s “Born to Die”…. I’m glassy eyed just thinking about it.
Besides that, I enjoy tennis, composing, dancing (of many, many styles), reading, cooking, and fire breathing/eating. True story, I enjoy the occasional fire meal–being from a polynesian island will inspire you.