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Albany, New York

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About Smittix

Sometimes Ska, Sometimes Punk but always rocking. Smittix blends various backgrounds and influences to produce a genre that is all it’s own. Rob, James, Jay and Will bring a very anti-main stream approach to the already underground sound that is Smittix. Formed in 2006 the band has played hundreds of shows and has surprised audiences in the American North-East with their funky renditions of Classic Rock covers and danceable originals. The band released it’s debut album “Leprenomichaun” in 2012 and is in the process of recording their next album. High energy bass thumping, pounding skins, 3 chord punk riffs, intricate guitar solos, clever lyrics with a unique delivery only begins to define what Smittix has in store for it’s fans in the very near future. Smittix has just fired it’s rockets and is ready to launch!


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