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Renee Wadsworth

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

I've read Humpty Dumpty. I've studied his mistakes. I'M READY TO DO THIS!!
Renee Wadsworth
About Renee Wadsworth

Hi! My name is Renee, I’m 23 years old and I live in the city that never sleeps, BETHLEHEM!

I lived in the Bucks County area most of my life. I would consider myself an extremely adaptable individual. I wouldn’t say I have a passion for marketing, but for some reason I graduated from Bloomsburg University with a Bachelors in Marketing in 2011. Once I graduated and moved to Bethlehem, I sold advertising in the Yellow Pages. First they had to tell me what the actual yellow pages were. I thought it was just a booster seat when I couldn’t reach the table. Since that industry is in the toilet, and we have an obesity epidemic in this country, I changed paths to become a weight loss coach! It’s fun to be Jillian Michaels and yell at fat people. But seriously, I LOVE being able to help people change their lives and improve not only the quality of their living but the longevity of their lives!

Also, I have an adorable yet vicious rabbit, Eleanor Roosevelt. She the cutest pain in the ass you’ll ever meet!


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