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Elizabeth Panos

Drexel hill, Pennsylvania

I’m bubbly, fun, and relatable with a positive attitude. The girl next door everyone knows.
About Elizabeth Panos

One of my ultimate favorite things to do is dance. I’ve danced for twenty-two years from ballet to Salsa and everything in between. I l love it. In addition to formal dance classes, I will dance just about anywhere. I recently had an entire dinner hall of about 100 guests get up and do the Harlem Shake and then taught them the “Moves like Jagger” routine from Red Hot Dance. I have dance parties with my puppy (he thinks I’m crazy, but he loves it.) My family has just come to accept that even if there is no music on, I may just get a dance party started.
I am a very big family person. My family is spread out over different parts of the country from California to Florida to Pittsburgh. I make an effort to visit every year, and my parents and I often have family get togethers with relatives who live close to home. We play board games, basketball, SuperNintendo, the Wii and EAT. I am Greek and Italian, so my family and I know how to eat. We do a whole lot of it and enjoy every bite and spending time together!