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Devon Franklin

Leesburg, Virginia

Im an actress and a singer! Hilarious, charming, fun and I'd look great sitting on a billboard.
About Devon Franklin

My name is Devon Franklin, I am an actress and a singer/songwriter.
I have been singing and acting since I was 11 yrs old. I have written and
recorded over a dozen original songs and have sang in many amazing places, from NYC, DC, Toronto, Las Vegas and Miami. As much as I love singing, I love acting more and believe to make it in this industry you have a better shot if you can do both.
I have attended some amazing acting programs at Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, George Washington University and NYFA. I will be moving from DC to NYC in the next few months and plan to audition for an improv group in the city. I love comedy/improv and my dream job would be to be a cast member on Saturday Night Live!
Thats a little bit about me, hopefully you will select me for your movie, but either way I will still submit some of my awesome music for your radio station!