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Ashley Coughlin

Athens, Alabama

Love acting, competing, being me - weird and all - plus have had training!
About Ashley Coughlin

I waitress tables on the weekends and work in Nashville during the week, sometimes as an extra, sometimes auditions. I wrapped up some work, so my schedule is free. I’ve trained with two different veteran actors, can be found in the Nashville show and as Caesanina on The Foursome of Cup of Joe show (improv crazy-like). I also post auditions and monologues on my YouTube Channel (look for Ashley Coughlin). I’ve worked hard all my life and are hoping for the big break. I learn to keep on training, be me, and just have fun, while never giving up. We are who we are, and should treasure that. My husband backs me up while I try to make it, from playing fun characters to plain out crazy.